Elmira Mammoth Open House

by Jacob Johnson

The Elmira Mammoth hosted their first annual Open House Monday Night to discuss the season as well get set up for the future of Elmira Mammoth Hockey at First Arena. Mammoth CEO and President on the night “ We want to thank everyone who came out to support us last night. These types of events keep the communication line open with fans and team management and players, we look forward to doing more of these next season.”

It was a successful night at Fandemonium as about 70 fans came out to support and voice concerns about the arena and hockey program. We started the night by talking about the many great events that First Arena has had to offer this season. The arena looks better than it ever has with brand new speakers, light fixtures, concourse signage, and two open bars. First Arena held over 80 events last season.

We opened the floor to questions from management to the fans, with topics like game start times, concession stands, pricing. We also discussed fan events with the players this upcoming season.  

With the enthusiastic crowd on hand last night, Elmira Mammoth management had a positive interaction with our fanbase. We look forward to getting this new season underway, if you have any comments or concerns on the topics above, please reach out to Mammoth Management or on our team's social media.